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Green dot stables (DTW, MI)

donbui82 | Jun 7, 201208:54 AM


I believe opened around Memorial day weekend. New slider place Downtown.

Location: Interesting. A few blocks south of corktown, closer to the riveredge. There's nothing but empty industrial building around it. To be honest, kind of scary if you're going there after dark, don't have a CCW, or Y chromosome. Having said that the parking lot was packed on a Wednesday night with legitimate flow of people in and out. I don't know the history behind the building, but its a cool spot. Hipster chic with a cool bar area and foosball table.

Service: Everybody was super friendly, a touch slow. no major comments.

Food: 17 types of sliders, with one rotating "mystery meat" slider. all between 2-3 dollars. Fries prepared a bunch of ways (cajun, Poutine, Ranch, chili cheese, malt vinegar). some odd side salads, mac/cheese (which came recommended.. more on that later), and some soups. Clearly the sliders are the star of the show. As an example of our gluttony, between the me and two friends we covered most of them.

Corned beef: Corned beef. What can you say? A corned beef sandwhich in small format. Personally, I love mine with a 3:1 meat to bread ratio, so I say save some stomach room, and make a separate trip to Mudgies or Stage Deli.

Shredded pork: Pretty good. Good balance of flavors between the pork apple, and cabbage. Cabbage gives it a next textural crunch. A solid B

Lamb: Again. Lamb burger. Good, but nothing stupendous. B

BCT: My friend raved about it. light, crisp, flavorful. Do try

Korean: The star of the show. Its a very interesting cascade of flavors. Bite into it, and its beefy/bready of a typical hamburger. Then the acid, unmistakable crunch of Kim Chi comes in, and after that dies down this sweet rich depth of peanut butter. Very, Very interesting. Clearly a 4:20 induced combination but it surprisingly works out well. Do Try

Ham and swiss: This was ordered as an afterthought. Sound simple? But there's something to be said about simple things done to perfection. My personal favorite. Thick cuts of perfectly done ham, slightly heated with melted goops of harmonious swiss cheese on top. The best of the meat:cheese:bread ratio all day.

Mystery meat: Ours was a Vindaloo Lamb Neck with Fig Chutney. Yummy! But I'm a sucker for indian food. Moist, tender, fatty lamb neck done in a mild vindaloo sauce with a touch of sweet to round it out.

Au poivre: Meh. dry. Pepper overpowered everything. Pass.

Hot Brown: My friend enjoyed it. Bacon/cheese/chicken interplay works.

Bologna: Having never tried this detroit staple, I devoured mine. Deep fried processed nitrate infested meats? How can one go wrong. Maybe the Filipinos are on to something with thier SPAM friend rice. I can see how one might say this was a touch too salty or greasy. But to you, I don't care.

Fries Au Poutine: Good. Nick thick gravy in which the fries were swimming. They were a touch cheap on the cheese. SPeaking of, what does real cheese curds taste like? Different from other cheese? How does one well the difference? The other modifier is maybe thicker steak-style fries in the gravy would help sop up the fluids better. still good. would over again.

Mac/Cheese - umm.. I'm torn. I mean, the Mornay sauce was good. Sort of a more simple alfredo. The pasta was al dente. But I wasn't sold. I like my Mac and cheese with oompth and style. Check Slows, J Alexanders, or Cameron's for pointers.

Chicken Paprikash soup: Torn. Ive never had it before so I wasn't sure what to expect. But nice deep, rich broth jazzed up with sour cream and I think sauekraut? Some small bits of spatzle added something. I like my soups with STUFF IN IT! Lots of chicken, lots of spatzle. here was mostly broth. But the broth was sure tasty. I used the top bun of my sliders to soak it in.

Drinks: Excellent Beer selection (IPA lovers try the racer5) and CHEAP prices. I tried the "premium" summer soda. Pass. It needs to be reworked.

Overall: Very Detroit. Its location makes it hard to reach, and a one stop place. you go there eat, get in your car, drive up the road to sugar house. Food was fun and novel. There's a few things I'd like to see them tinker with before I give them worship status. Sliders should have a super soft, light fluffy bun. I hate to say it but White Castle does that best. Having the component separated, the essential parts of a basic slider/hamburger, its average. The burger is dry in some, under spiced/salted in others. But when jazzed up with everything else, or the non-beef patty ones it is good. I DID enjoy the meal. I DID enjoy the experience. Would I drive 30min downtown JUST for it? Prob not at this point.


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