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Name My Green!


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Name My Green!

lrealml | Mar 28, 2011 12:51 AM

I have a mystery green! I need help! I don't know what I bought!

Today at a nearby farmer's market, I bought the vegetable in the attached picture. I believe that is Chinese (or at least Asian of some kind) because the rest of the vegetables at the stand were bok choy, Chinese mustard, daikon, and bitter melon. I mainly bought it because I didn't know what it was (and it was cheap).
I asked the guy at the stand what it was; however, I couldn't hear him too well, and he was very busy. I was able to make out that it started with an 'M' (it may have an 'A' and 'T' in there as well, but I am unsure). I figured that knowing that I have a Chinese vegetable that started with an 'M' would be enough information to easily figure out what I bought using the internet... I was so wrong!

I have searched and searched, but I can't find any greens (Asian or otherwise) that look like what I bought! It does look a bit like watercress (and tastes a bit like it too); however, I don't think that it is watercress (unless it is a strange variety).

Anyone have any idea what this is? It is already looking sadder that it did this morning, so I need to figure out what to do with it soon. Btw, I bought it at the farmer's market in Mountain View, CA (in case this helps with identification).

Thanks in advance.

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