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Greek Gods Pagoto Ice Cream

PayOrPlay | May 23, 200801:51 PM

Greek Gods brand "Pagoto" ice cream has shown up at my local Gelson's in Los Angeles. It's not really Greek (the company is in Mountlake Terrace, WA), and the Greek Gods yogurts have not met with much approval on this board.

But we thought the chocolate fig flavor ice cream was great. It is thick and moderately elastic, with a texture somewhere between gelato and the ultra-stretchiness of Persian ice cream. (See below*) As poster *Snapdragon* on the NW Board commented, "chocolate fig" is a bit of a misnomer--it's really a strongly flavored fig ice cream with dark chocolate chips. *Snapdragon* found it "too figgy," but PayOrPlay Jr. and I both exclaimed in ecstacy after our first bite--an explosively figgy flavor, indeed, which we both loved.

We also tried the Honey Pomegranate flavor, which is not as impressive: the flavoring is much more subtle and mainly the honey comes through. I prefer the "Sheer Bliss" brand pomegranate ice cream (especially their chocolate chip), as well as Haagen-Dasz' excellent version (H-D also has a killer pomegranate ice cream bar with chocolate shell). And in L.A. we also have local Persian ice cream vendors like Mashti Malone, who sell pomegranate flavor some of the time.

Still to try: the "baklava" flavor, which I understand is a creamy smooth ice cream with the flavors of baklava, rather than something studded with chunks of phyllo and nuts. I look forward to it.

*According to the company website, the texture comes from the use of "mastic-resin to deliver a creamy and flavorful experience. Mastic (also know as Chios Tears) comes from mastic trees grown in six villages (Mastichochoria) in the south of the small Greek island of Chios. Also know for its health properties; People in the Mediterranean region have used mastic as a medicine for gastrointestinal ailments for several thousand years."

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Website: http://greekgodsyogurt.com/html/ibakl...

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