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Great Veggies Downtown

idnas | Jul 13, 2008 04:04 PM

We're not vegetarian but often want a meal that is veggie-focused, both because we enjoy them and because they're good for us.

When I say veggies here, I'm not talking about non-meat, like soy, cheese and beans. There are lots of non-meat options available, but most are based around proteins and starches and the avoidance of meat, instead of being centred around lots of great veggies.

It seems like our options are mostly limited to chinese/thai or salads. We like salads, chinese and thai, but we would love to find some other options for meals we can feel great about. Indian tends to use starchy vegetables and beans, all loaded with high fat sauces. Italian tends to treat veggies as a minor ingredient to complement pasta or meat. And so on. But I know there are exceptions out there.

Where do you go, or order from, when you want great veggies downtown?

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