Looking For A Great Every Day Pot


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Looking For A Great Every Day Pot

zeprosnepsid | Oct 8, 2007 11:53 AM

We’ve been using our same non-stick steel pot for ages. But quite a lot of the non-stick has come up over time and we’ve become concerned realizing that probably all that missing non-stick has ended up in our stomachs.

We want to buy a new pot but are trying to decide what would be best for us. We have no dishwasher, so we like the easy clean aspect of non-stick. Something that doesn’t take a ton of care would be great (I have an awesome cast iron skillet that I love but it seems to demand more attention than I have to give on a piece of cookware). We use our pot pretty much every day, often more than once, so we need something to stand up to that kind of use.

We can’t spend a ton on the fanciest pot available, but we’re willing to buy something that’ll last. We had bought a cheap stainless steel (not a non-stick) before but it very quickly got rice burned into it. We spent a lot of time and effort cleaning it back to usefulness, just for it to get all burned up again so we threw it out. So, we'll spend the money if we have to.

Someone mentioned copper cookware, but I don’t know anything about it. And is Calphalon worth the cost? Will it not scratch up like our non-stick?

I guess a smart investment would be to buy some cooking utensils that don’t scrape up the non-stick…

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