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Grater recommendations?

arielleeve | Feb 10, 201408:29 AM

Looking to update my grater situation in the kitchen. Currently we own a paddle microplane for zesting and fine grating, a very small box grater, and a paddle coarse grater. The latter two are cheap, not sure of the brands, I think purchased at dollar stores. I recently saw the America's Test Kitchen episode about graters and was thinking about buying the Rosle coarse paddle grater (http://www.amazon.com/Rosle-Stainless...), then getting rid of my small box grater and the crappy paddle one. Even now I don't have much reason for owning both, since I only ever use the coarse side of the box.

Doing some online research though, and it looks like the Rosle may have been discontinued? I can't find it anywhere. They have a different coarse one on some websites, but it doesn't look as nice. http://www.rosleusa.com/product-searc...

Anyone know anything about this? Also, curious to hear what graters everyone recommends. Box vs. paddle? I think I would like to avoid having the box if possible, just for reasons of space and because the paddle comes in more handy in terms of grating directly over a dish. But it'd have to be a good enough paddle to entirely replace the box, I think. Suggestions / input wanted!

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