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Does anyone know how to get grain fed beef side in Florida?

seanspec | Oct 27, 201601:13 PM

I am looking to buy another side of beef and did the Grass fed route. That was a bad mistake I will not repeat. I kept reading all this (now I get as hyped crap from grass fed people, farmers, etc) info that said it tasted better, blah blah blah. Total HS. I even compared it to store bought, and this is publix store bought so its not very good and the Grass fed still sucked. They haven't found the salt mine in the world that could make grass fed ribeye taste as good as a grain fed ribeye. So any help would be terrific. The publicity of grass fed may have already destroyed grain fed local farmers now so they may not even exist. But if anyone knows of one, I would appreciate it. And for the bleeding hearts out there that don't like what i am saying, let it go. It my opinion (and everyone that I have compared the beef to as well) that grass fed, although definitely better on the cow, sucks in taste. So I just would like answers based on my question please.

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