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Graduation Party- OH MY!


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Graduation Party- OH MY!

Oakland Barb | Jun 5, 2014 07:45 AM

I'm not sure where this post belongs but here goes.

Next Saturday, June 14, I'll be hosting a college graduation party for my 26yo daughter. She lives in Washington State and I in California.

For the previous few days my hubby and I will be hosting family from out of town in an old B and B turned VRBO rental, 13 people in all. The party (day after graduation) will be between 30 and 50 people.

I tend to be obsessive about these things. I've thrown a few large parties and cooked every single thing, including making the ice cream. We rented a house a few years ago at Thanksgiving, in the same area, and drove with all my cooking supplies; pots, food processor- I'm guessing you get the picture.
Needless to say that's not going to happen this time around. I'd like to spend time with the family who've come so far.

We've rented this house before and the kitchen is small and not very workable. That said, there's little in the way of catering or decent food in Olympia.

I can pick up food in Seattle on my way down on Wednesday or send someone back Saturday morning (the party begins at 6 PM). There are both Trader Joe's and Costco in town. I'm thinking there must be something I can do with relative ease. The house description says there's a bbq grill.

My son (who'll be in town from Colorado) used to live here and cooked his way through college at an upscale restaurant so I have good prep help but the kitchen is too small for many people.

Do we "cook"? "Prepare"? Purchase? I'm completely lost!
Any ideas would be very, very much appreciated!!

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