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Grabbin' a six pack at the deli - what's your "safe" beer


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Grabbin' a six pack at the deli - what's your "safe" beer

erikka | Jul 31, 2006 07:59 PM

Quite often, in a pinch, I find myself buying a six pack of beer from the corner deli - usually something of the Sam Adams/Red Stripe/fairly commercial ilk (which, for Brooklyn includes some things that would probably be considered microbrews elsewhere) and I usually end up getting the same, boring "safe" beer. I've been having horrible luck lately--I can't tell you how many skunked bottles I've had in the last six months because you can't tell how long a six pack has been in the back of that cooler. Are there any widespread/commercial beers that are skunk-resistant (I'm sure this has something to do with bottling? Glass color?) and does anyone have any bodega-find hidden gem recommendations? I've been sticking to Sam Adams Summer Ale and Smuttynose IPA (when I can get it) and as my "safe" bets but I'm ready to branch out.

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