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Gourmet Salts...?


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Gourmet Salts...?

toddster63 | May 23, 2007 04:14 PM

Okay, recently purchased some French Grey sea salt--"Esprit Du Sel" from the Island of Ré. I think this is a great salt--mild, almost sweet-ish, and brings out the best as a finishing salt...

Now I discover that this Grey salt is actually taken from the bottom of the salt marshes of this French Island (which is why it is grey in color--due to contact with the clay), and that the finery of these salt marshs, the white pristine salt from the top crust, the "Fleur du Sel", is another, and much more expensive, salt altogether--costing 5 times more than the "grey sludge" salt that I have...

Is the Fleur de Sel (specifically from Brittany's Island Ré--"Fleur de Sel de l'Ile de Ré") worth the high cost, the extra money over the "sludge" Grey salt? What's the difference between the more common grades of "Grey Salts" from the bottom of the marshes and the more elite "Fleur de Sel" taken from the top of the marsh? What flavor differences, palate subtleties, occur with these two different French grades of sea salts...?

Is it just hype and Euro marketing as some claim?

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