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Gotta give Food Network credit for being loyal


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Gotta give Food Network credit for being loyal

tastyjon | Jul 25, 2011 07:41 PM

Has anyone noticed how few people ever actually leave the Food Network? From management to hosts, it seems here's very little turnover compared with TV networks in general.

It's true that some chefs have graduated to other things (usually to more fame), but their overall roster has retained many whose initial stardom seemingly peaked a while back... Irvine, Cora, Summers? Even Ming Tsai comes back for many cameo roles. Meanwhile Flay has been on 15 different shows (according to Wikipedia). I'm not even sure which shows Tyler F., Alton, Ted Allen, Alex G. and others are most associated with these days..

I'm not complaining. In fact I think it's unusually refreshing that a modern network keeps re-investing in core people they seem to click with. Think of how many networks made billions from folks like Cosby/Seinfeld/etc., and promptly abandoned the people/shows when the ratings became average.

Like the talent or not, does it seem like "The Firm?" Ha ha. But really, I work in other parts of the media industry and there's usually an entirely new staff at most places every few years. FN seems to provide a lot of second, third and more chances.

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