Gordon Ramsay advocates the usage of Non-Stick Pans

CHSeifert | Oct 11, 202007:24 PM     63

So we've had the discussion about non-stick pans here lately, and I agree, that they might not be that healthy to cook with, especially if you do it often, several times a week or daily.

But let me tell you a sure thing - if you dine out in restaurants often, you WILL eat food, that very often will have been prepared in a Non stick pan.

Yes Chefs use carbon steel, raw cast iron and PLY/Aluminum & SS Sandwich bottom cookware very often too - but here in Denmark, they also use Non-stick pans very often.

Gordon Ramsay also enjoys his non stick pans, we've seen that in his Youtube cooking videos frequently, and I just found this clip from Hell's Kitchen, where he directly advocates the usage of a non-stick pan for a certain delicate item LOL

Link: https://youtu.be/MhX6HbfDVcs?t=150

He literally says this: 'There's a reason I've spent thousands of dollars on non-stick pans' LOL

Then continues: 'They're fu*ked, stuck to the pan' (she's NOT using a non-stick pan)

So If you dine out often and hate to be exposed to food cooked in non-stick pans, you might be out of luck ;-)


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