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Good pocketknife for breads, cheeses, salami etc.

zakappel | Dec 11, 201409:55 AM

I am looking for a small size pocket knife that would be good to use for cheese, salami, spreading pates, cutting a slice off a baguette, etc. My office doesn't have a pantry area, so if i'm going to assemble lunch out of those types of ingredients, i'm stuck with a plastic disposable knife. Not much fun when you have to cut up a stiff baguette. http://www.thekitchn.com/gifts-for-co... This article is what got me thinking, and i'm partial towards the Japanese style one, http://www.bestmadeco.com/products/ja... although i worry the blade may be too delicate for going through things like hard salamis or a baguette.

Anyone have any input about which style knife would be best for what i'm using it for?

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