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Looking for good mail order pepperoncini...

Goldendog | Mar 17, 2008 09:48 AM

I have been a pickled food addict since eating a hundred or so jars of my grandmothers homemade Polish pickles one summer about 50 years ago. To this day I can't get enough pickled meats, any kind of vegetable, olives, and in particular, pepperoncini. (My blood pressure will attest to my mania )

My problem--as a kid and through my teens my favorite pepper was an Italian pepperoncini sold by the Trappey Co. Unlike the much more common Greek type they were a very dark emerald green color and tender, hardly ever a thick walled one that crunched. The Greek style are often quite hot by comparison. Then, sadly, the Trappey's brand disappeared from mid-Michigan.

A few years later I found Trappey's at a little spice shop in Detroit. They didn't carry the Italian pepperoncini but had one called Dulcitos. Lighter green but still very tender with little heat. Then poof- Trappey's discontinued Dulcitos. I then found a brand of peppers called Lombardi's at International Market in Las Vegas. Same story--after stocking up on my trips each spring the company stopped selling them.

Mazetta's sold their "Tuscan" peppers which were identical to my original Trappey's...Great sour/salty peppers with little heat. I would mail order them by the case. Now those are gone.

I like the Mt. Olive pepperoncini but can't find a place to order them by mail and they don't sell the brand this far north. Any brands here are crisp and have a burn to them. If you know the type of pepper I'm looking for and can stear me to a place that still stocks them with mail order service I'd appreciate it!!

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