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What makes a good Irish soda bread?


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What makes a good Irish soda bread?

Stanley Stephan | Mar 17, 2003 12:08 PM

I just had the worst Irish Soda bread today. It was solid to the point of bending the knife, had white raisins instead of currants and had CARAWAY SEEDS. Not to metion this little, and I do mean little, organic number cost me six bucks. I need to look up some Irish curses for this bakery.

However, what does make a good Irish Soda bread. I like a few currants in it and for it not to be too dry and puckery. Another bakery had those caraway seeds with currants. What is it with the caraway seeds? This other bakery had Irish Soda bread with scallions. Is this some sort of California abberation? If so, it needs to stop.

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