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What is a good hushpuppy?


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What is a good hushpuppy?

rworange | Jul 28, 2006 03:49 PM

If all the hours I spent in the South were added up, it would probably amount to about three months over my lifetime. I'm not that familiar with Southern food ... what I usually eat is local versions of Southern food.

So I never understood hushpuppies.

On a recent SF board discussion of a new Louisiana restaurant someone said that the hushpuppies needed dipping sauce.

Another poster did the scoffing for me ... dipping sauce?

Turns out people do like to dip them in catsup or catsup/mayo or catsup/mayo/hot sauce.

In another topic about someone looking for hushpuppies in SF, a poster wrote ...

"Most of the ones I've found have been basically some fried cornmeal, no onion, no flavor. Or, there is a trend to doing them with something else. C&K Steakhouse had some really good shrimp hushpuppies. It was really a shrimp coated in "hushpuppie" batter and fried."

Other posts mentioned savory seasonings ... spicy and herb-flecked hushpuppies.

Is it possible that hashpuppies are more than just fried cornmeal?

How do you enjoy your hushpuppies. What should I be looking for to judge good versions?

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