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Good cleaning brushes, scrub brushes, bottle brushes

wintersweet | Feb 9, 2014 12:39 PM

Hi, I searched and couldn't find a thread on this. I'm sorry if I've missed one.

We just moved and we threw out nearly all of our brushes because they had accumulated gunk in places that couldn't be cleaned easily -- the base of the bristles (no good if the brush can't be put in boiling water), under the handle, where the handle and the brush head meet, etc. (Along the same lines, we had to ditch some baking pans with rolled edges. Sigh.)

Do you have a favorite brush for either dish or food cleaning that is easy to clean and/or made with fewer places for gunk to get in?Anything I should look for that might not be obvious?

I have access to Amazon.com and other websites, Home Goods, Target, and not much else. Sur la Table isn't close, but doable.


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