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Good "beginner" cookware set and knives?


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Good "beginner" cookware set and knives?

juliejulez | Nov 19, 2012 03:37 PM

So my brother, who apparently thinks I'm a cookware expert, even though I use mismatched pans from Ikea and Home Goods, asked me what a good cookware set would be to buy for under $100. He's not a fancy cook but is getting into it, and just moved into a new house where he will have a veggie garden, so I think he's interested in learning more. I suggested Ikea or piecing stuff together like I did at Home Goods, but he seems to want a set.

I suggested maybe the Tramontina stuff from Wal-Mart as I heard it's good, or if he gets a Costco Membership, something from there.

He also asked me what a good brand of knives was. I told him for that it's better to go to a store like Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma to hold them and test them out to see which one he likes best, and slowly build his collection with higher quality stuff, than to buy a crappy block set. I personally have Globals since I have midget hands but I think most men would prefer something heavier.

Does anybody else have any other suggestions I could give him for both knives and cookware?

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