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the good, bad and the ugly

nittany | May 4, 2003 01:32 PM

past week was my birthday, so i was treated to a variety of dinners in the philly area over the past week and a 1/2

on my birthday we went to valentino (13th and pine). I will never return. We were the only ones in the place, svc was awful, food was mediocre and even though we told them he was allergic to shellfish (which they said they understood), they must've put some on his veal entree cause he got sick (and no he doesn't get THIS sick if it's just cooked in the same pan). Pasta was around 15, veal 20, app 8.

next night we used a to try twenty manning (261 s 20tg st). IMHO it is so so food, with poor svc at high prices. We split the sashimi app (tiny), I had the duck (very dry) and hubby had a fish special (really small). Svc was spotty, it took forever to get a drink, but they hung over you to refill your water (?) We recieved bread, but it took 20 minutes for the butter to come. It was a week night, and the place was about 1/2 full at 8:30. App was 9, dinners in the low 20's (23 - 26), drinks were high. IMO - Over-rated.

Onto dinner at Langostino's (100 morris st). We just booked a trip to italy, so i had a hankering for pasta. I was not disapointed. Split the caprese app, they were out of peppers (it was late) so they just gave us ungodly ammts of tomatoes and fresh mozerella. yum. I had the vodka penne, very good, but the absolute highlight was my hubby's gnocci. THE best I've ever tasted. In a marscopone cream sauce, so light the dish just melted in your mouth. Pastas were around 13 bucks, app was 6.50. Really good!

Finally last night, Lauletta's (1703 south 11th). For some reason this place always makes me happy. Maybe the kitchen as soon as you walk in or the fact that 1/2 the customers walk in and out of the back kitchen to say hello. They were EMPTY at 9pm on a saturday, which made me sad. We started with the wild mushroom, proscutino and red onion app (thinly sliced and sauteed in olive oil -yum yum yum). I had to try the gnocci (for comparison purposes. They were very good (served in butter and wilted raddicio), but i'm not sure anything gould top the one's at langostino's. Hubby's chicken entree was fabulous (served win a tomatoe onion, caper sauce with fresh spinach and potatoes). All the specials were read with the prices (not at langostino's unfortunately - a pet peeve of mine), and none were over 20 bucks (somprable to meat/fish on the menu - within a few bucks). Finished it off with some wonderful homade rice pudding. Gnocci was 12, chinken 13, app 7.50, desert 5.95 (i thought that was a bit much, but it was very good).

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