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Golden Mall update - interesting lamb soup at Xi'an stall and a good zha jiang mian at lanzhou stall


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Golden Mall update - interesting lamb soup at Xi'an stall and a good zha jiang mian at lanzhou stall

Lau | Nov 15, 2009 10:24 AM

So i did a mini flushing tour today. I had taiwanese breakfast at King Five Noodle, which btw no longer has an english name and just says beef noodle in chinese (niu rou mian)

Afterwards we stopped by the golden mall, had a couple of interesting things:
- Lamb Rou Pao Mo (lamb noodle soup): this is a lamb noodle soup, its very interesting, way different than anything i've ever had before. The broth is very rich like to the point where its almost creamy, like think of a tonkotsu broth (i.e. ippudo) and its even thicker and richer than that. Its got very thin clear noodles that are very good, very fine and go great with the soup and then its got these cubes of something which i couldn't figure out what it was although it might be rice dough that's what we all decide it most likely was. They put a great chili paste in it that really makes the soup alot better, there is also a lot of cilantro and chunks of lamb meat in it. It's not gamey at all. Overall its a pretty decent dish albeit very rich, maybe a little too rich for my taste. You can see a picture of it on their website
- Zha Jiang Mian (fried sauce noodle): i went across the way to the lanzhou handpulled noodle place and we saw several people who were eating the zha jiang mian, which is the original version of the ja jjang myun that the korean-chinese places serve. I like the chinese version better, but unfortunately its difficult to find places that make it correctly. For those that are unfamiliar, its a noodle dish with a meat and onion sauce (think of a ragu type sauce). The noodles themselves are excellent, they are obviously handpulled and have a nice chewy texture and they are pulled fairly thin. The mean sauce is quite good, a major difference between the chinese version and the korean version is that the chinese version is more meat as opposed to onions. The sauce has a nice good meaty flavor to it and the onions are cooked perfectly. The only thing about it was that the meat was slightly drier than it should be, but overall its good and its definitely worth trying as this is the only good version ive had in NY.

I'm going to come back soon with my same friend and try the other stalls as we walked around and checked them out, some look very interesting. i love the golden mall, it seriously feels like you're in china and the food is always good.

btw i've been talking the bus from chinatown to flushing, if you happen to live downtown like i do in the LES, its really fast and super cheap ($2.50 each way), i can get to flushing in 15 mins and it drops me off really close to the LES, so i don't have to go to penn station to the LIRR

Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

Niu Rou Mian
39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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