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Gluttony in mainstream/chain dining


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Gluttony in mainstream/chain dining

foodiex2 | May 9, 2005 02:35 PM

I had my first experience at the cheesecake factory last week. Traveling with the boss, arrive at our destination very late. It was open and no wait so we went in. I was HORRIFIED at the portions. I ordered the Thai steak salad and it could have easily fed 4 people as an entree, 3 if everyone was starving. The duck egg rolls apps could have fed 2 or 3 as an entrée, as an app it could have fed 4-5. It boarded on grotesque. Not only that but it all just got thrown away since we couldn't doggy bag it. It was a waste pure and simple.

I thought it was the fast food people to blame for super sizing but this was worse than a big mac w/ super size fries. When I commented to the waiter she laughed and said that they hear this all time. I rarely ever eat at big chains since there are so many great local places in my area. So I was wondering: Is this the norm?? Is portion control nowhere to be found in mainstream dining?

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