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Gluten Free Roll Recipe Needed


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Gluten Free Roll Recipe Needed

sedimental | Oct 25, 2012 05:40 PM

My vegetarian daughter is coming for Thanksgiving. She has a pretty big sensitivity to gluten-and since she stopped eating it- the GI troubles plaguing her for months simply went away. I want to honor that discovery. However, I have a variety of dietary issues from my guests to contend with that day. I am not well versed in gluten free baking. She is not either -as she just discovered this problem.

Does anyone have a good recipe for dinner rolls? I don't have time to go trying out different ones that "might" be good. As I am not gluten free and have no experience baking gluten free, I can't tell by looking at a recipe that it actually tastes good ...or like a cardboard box.

Tried and true recipes would be appreciated!

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