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Gluten Free Diet - Legitimate Concern or Marketing Fad

RitaLin | Jan 3, 201404:02 PM

I'm just a bit too leery about the recent hype towards it . 1 of out 1750 people suffer from Coeliac disease or wheat allergy. The symptoms are loose, greasy stools and difficulty in gaining weight.

If the symptoms were difficulty in LOSING weight, then maybe there is something sinister with wheat.

But it was one of the first cultivated grains that eventually led mankind to civilization. It has provided us with energy and protein for thousands of years...until recently in America, we seemed to have developed an overnight allergic reaction to wheat. What's even more annoying is the sky high premium gluten-free products go for.

Is it the same in Europe? Will French bakers substitute soy for their baguettes? Will Italians use rice flour instead of semolina to make pasta? What will the Belgians substitute for their 500 year old delicious unfiltered wheat beer recipe?

Some manufacturers label wheat like it's some sort of poison. It's categorized along with trans fat. I feel like wheat is being highly misrepresented in order to push overpriced products people don't really need.

Is it me or do you folks feel the same way? Flame me if you wish, but I still can't justify buying into all that hype. Wheat has fed us for thousands of years and I won't turn against it in favor of businesses profiting by pushing expensive alternatives.

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