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Global Knife - Chef vs Veg knife


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Global Knife - Chef vs Veg knife

foodieduo | Oct 18, 2007 10:15 AM


I am looking to upgrade to a new knife, and I have pretty much decided on buying a global. My indecisiveness starts here:

1. Should I go for a chef's knife(preferably a 6"/8") vs a vegetable knife
2. 5.5" vegetable knife vs a 7" vegetable knife

I have a 8" chef's knife in another brand that I find too big and heavy for my small feminine hands. I am looking to buy just one of the above along with a paring knife. I will be pretty much using it - to prep vegetables (think BIG onions), cutting through squash,meat,......I think you get the idea.

Most importantly, I am looking to buy it in a store in Remond/Bellevue, WA. Any suggestions. I am not sure if Macy's carries the Global.

I would love you to discuss the merits of the chef vs the vegetable knife. Your suggestions will be extremely helpful.

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