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Gas stove/range/hob modification for wok

cannibal | Mar 9, 201201:04 PM

Hello all,

I have been searching on google for a mod I've heard of for gas cook tops. I have only heard it referenced in passing, and all the searching I've done is fruitless. I'm not even sure if this exists!
I figure it's something the manufacturer of the stove suggests against, otherwise it would be a touted and marketed feature.

I figured that taking the sealed cap off of the burner is probably the "mod", but I didn't want to try it since 1) i'm renting and this is not my stove and 2) I do not wish to play with a fuel burning stove indoors when I'm not sure if it's safe to run without the cap on the burner.

Has anyone heard of or tried this illusive burner modification? Did I dream this up or something?
I know this wouldn't provide the kind of BTU's an outdoor wok burner would produce, but just concentrating the heat at the center of the pan would be a big improvement.

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