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Using a gas grill as an oven? How far can I take this?


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Using a gas grill as an oven? How far can I take this?

reptilegrrl | Jun 2, 2013 02:07 AM

My partner had a giant combination gas/charcoal grill delivered this morning. It is pretty fancy, at least as far as my grilling experience has been. It has a gas grill, a charcoal grill, and a flush-mounted gas burner. It has temp gauges in the lid of both grills.

So here is what I am wondering: can I use the gas grill as an oven? With the lid closed it is basically an oven, right?

The oven in our house (rental) is poorly insulated and makes the house very hot when heated. But we eat a lot of cheap cuts of meat- I like roasting and braising. Summer and 120' temps are creeping up. I can see no reason I shouldn't use this thing as an oven, but maybe I am missing something? I would be using stainless steel pans and the occasional aluminum or enamel baking pan. Thoughts?

Mainly I would be cooking things like roasted or baked or braised meats, with the occasional roasted veggies or baked casserole.

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