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wyf4lyf | Feb 1, 2006 02:43 PM

The post about garlic-infused olive oil and responses that it could cause botulism has me concerned now. I bought a large jar of peeled garlic cloves (no preservatives...just the peeled garlic) and the grocer told me the way to preserve the garlic and keep it around longer was to pour olive oil into the jar and keep it in the fridge. The oil did solidify..but I'd scoop out a few garlic cloves with a bit of the oil to add to various recipes. It was great and it kept the garlic fresh for a couple of months. Have I poisoned myself and my family??

To make matters worse, I pureed the oil and remaining 1/4 of the jar of garlic cloves into a paste to add to soups, use as "butter" in sauteing, etc.


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