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Galleries Lafayette for cheese, my bad.

Delucacheesemonger | May 7, 201209:00 AM

Ok,OK, l know it is not the best for a food source, but l always go first thing after dropping off luggage. It is convenient, and l can get my Bordier butter with no grief. l often stop at the cheese counter for a Clacbitou as well. This time devils were in my brain and bought 5 cheeses. When l got to the stand the employee of long standing, a small man with tiny moustache around 50 served me very haughtily as only he can. He really is the only PITA frenchman in trade l have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Bought a big chunk of mimolette 24 month on sale, seems perfect, a pair of the creamy cheese covered with big raisins that smooshes on toast so well, fine we are doing well. The last three were in such condition, yes l should have tasted them, but with this gentleman l knew that was not an option without too much looking down his nose, that this post was written. First, got a large hunk of Sbrinz which often is wonderful, this one was older than most and was so dry it would not cut when l got it home, just shattered, it cannot be chewed. The second was a petit fiance that was OK, but with a good affineur it might be as good as cheese gets.The third, oh the third, was a fermier Gaperon, instead of the outside being white and Camembert rind like, it was very moist, not necessarily a bad thing, and when unwrapped it smelled quite dreadful. Not Epoisses or Fromage Fort dreadful, as l love both, not cellaresque as Tomme de Savois, and not generally stinky, again a good thing. l have never smelled this smell, and with luck never will again. My point is not that these products were not to my liking, but that they were either aged wrong or way too long as to make them a bit less than edible. When l worked at a variety of cheesestands around the world, when a product reached a stage that one would not eat it, it was chucked, not passed on to a very easy foreigner. Yes my bad, but more his bad. He knew exactly what he was doing, and should have warned me off these specimens. l may visit GL for other things, but the cheese counter will not be getting my business again.

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