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Galatoire's POOR service and CANNED Peas!

jsfoodchat | Dec 28, 201107:02 PM

We went there in NOLA for my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary dinner due to the wonderful reviews we had read. BIG MISTAKE!

We found the service to be lacking - not because they were slow or absent but because they were plain old rude. Is this style of brisk, curt service in style? The almond fish was good the rest was plain or even bad. Overall a number of things happened that made it UN-recommendable:

A few things happened:

On arrival, my husband who was wearing DKNY jeans, an Ed Hardy t-shirt and an Armani jacket was told he was not dressed correctly to enter. He was told gentlemen had to have a COLLAR on their shirts. Really? I knew the place needed a jacket but T-shirts and Suit Jackets are all the rage - since when do you need a collar? Worse - the man behind us wearing a STAINED, FADED, black "mock neck" T-shirt was admitted no problem! But he was old and "stately looking" (and not pushing a stroller...) go figure!

When my cousin ordered a Caesar (a Canadian favourite made with vodka and Clamato juice) the server said "I've been doing this for 20 years and nobody has EVER wanted THAT before" in a condescending tone like we were ordering something from the moon. Yes, we Canucks know that the American version is a Bloody Mary with Tomato juice but we sometimes forget to call it that. We didn't need to be raked over the coals for it!

Next, I had my four year old daughter present. She can sit like an angel through a dinner with her ipad and headphones - you wouldn't even know she was there BUT she does need a kid friendly meal. As such, I inquired about the kids menu. I was told that there was no kids menu that my best bet was to order something she could eat from my dinner (i.e. to share). I was also told that they could accommodate by preparing a plain chicken dish but that I would be charged full price - ie. $17 or so (the average entree price). I agreed to pay the full price and get my daughter her own dinner. I ordered a plain chicken of some kind and asked that they put a simple vegetable on the side (i.e some peas or carrots or something). The server made it clear that this was troublesome as they charge another fee for a side of veggies. I said "Really, she eats maybe one carrot - can you just put one on the side??" She agreed that she could do something for the full entree price. I was thankful but she was not gracious at all. Very snooty.

Next point is the fact that this James Beard Award winning restaurant uses CANNED PEAS in their entrees! Yes folks they are CANNED!!! I couldn't believe it so when my Aunt said she wasn't enjoying her dinner on account of the fact it was covered in mushy, flavourless, GROSS, canned peas, I was shocked (and embarrassed for the restaurant selection). I asked the server if they were canned as I was hoping they were just "mushy peas" like the kind the Brit's eat. She came back and reported that "yes they were canned BUT we aren't charging you for them anyway!" She assumed I was complaining about the "FREE" peas she had put on the side of my daughter's $17 entree plate!!! Wow! Nervy!

I explained that I wasn't concerned about my daughter but rather about my two aunts who had both ordered a dish covered in canned pea monstrosity. She said "that is the way that dish has been made for 50 years - to use fresh peas would RUIN the flavour." There was no offer of a new meal, no apology, nothing. Clearly we were wrong for questioning their use of canned peas!

Really? Would any true chef every advocate for a canned pea??? Seriously! That is rubbish!

I had several LOVELY dinners in NOLA - Galatorie's was NOT one of them. For the kind of money you will spend in this lined up, loud, crowded place - GO TO COMMANDERS PALACE - now THAT was a great meal in a beautiful setting with first class service! Give Galatorie's a miss!

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