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Three gadgets I Can Live Without But Choose Not To

snax | Feb 20, 201002:18 PM

Tuna & Veggie Press and Strainer

I stumbled across this the other day at a kitchen/storage shop and I was like “ohh that’s exactly what I need”. Draining canned veggies isn’t a big drama, but being able to squish this into a can of tuna and get out all of the water/oil is a huge bonus.

13" Silicone Splatter Screen

I’ve only used my father’s metal mesh screen and I have bad memories of it. I remember it being rusty, and half of the mesh had popped out of the side. Granted he likes to find thing at the rubbish dump or op shop if it’s cheap enough. So it probably wasn’t quality to start with. Now I’m usually sceptical of plastics in the kitchen, but this screen really does its job at letting enough steam out of the pan to allow food to fry, and it stops the massive mess that 1, is on the cook top (which I don’t really mind), but 2, it stops my floor from getting greasy (which I end up having to mop or use some paper towel on after cooking). Very happy with this.

Cling-Wrap Cutter

I love this. I fumble with plastic wrap and end up wasting a fair quota of each roll. But this cutter takes up next to no extra space in my draw, does its job quickly and can easily be changed onto a new roll of wrap quickly.

Now if I can only find a good use for Dyno Dips!

Anyone use have gadgets they can live without but choose not to?

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