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"FUN" types of eating


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"FUN" types of eating

soopling | Mar 22, 2003 06:44 PM

I posted this on the Manhattan message board because I would appreciate suggestions there, but I thought this might apply as a general question:

I have a friend who asks me quite often for suggestions on a "fun" place to go eat. From what I can gather from her questions ("does it have belly dancers?") she's most often seeking a place which offers some degree of novelty (but not necessarily a theme restaurant). We went to Le Souk and she loved it: hookah pipes, belly dancers, atmosphere, etc. I was trying to think of other types of eating experiences that also offer some kind of novelty, in any way...revolving sushi bars, dim sum cart eating, injera as utensil in ethiopian places, etc. Are there more? Every time she asks me, I get stuck on places which have great food, but not really the "fun" element that she is looking for. Examples as well as specific restaurant recommendations are welcome.

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