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""No fun, silliness, or ribbing, can be had here due to the mod removing posts."

zin1953 | Jan 3, 201207:35 AM

re: this thread -- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/825455

Any number of posts have been removed from this thread (I've honestly lost count of how many times I've received an email notification of a new post, only to find nothing new whatsoever,) The title of this thread comes from such an email, which says, in full,

(name withheld -- and not me) replied:

"No fun, silliness, or ribbing, can be had here due to the mod removing posts. I'm not speaking of mean posts or offensive language. My first..."


One of my own posts was removed (albeit temporarily!) because I used the OP's first name. I received an email from the Moderators that said -- in part -- that a) the OP objected to my use of their first name, and b) the Mods had no idea how I knew the person's first name. Uh . . . because the first name was on their profile page?!?!?!?

I would actually like to THANK the Mods for only removing it temporarily, and asking *my* permission to repost it without the (apparently) offensive use of someone's first name. That's the first time one of my posts was only temporarily removed.

But the fact remains that Chowhound is indeed the most humorless chat site I've ever participated in (on?). I absolutely agree with the policy that mean, offensive posts be deleted; that posts which attack another individual should be deleted. There *is* a need for Moderators on *any* discussion group/board site such as this. But darn it! (oooops! -- I mean, dang it!), I've never seen a group of Mods so quick to hit the delete button when people are just being silly and having fun!

(Maybe I should print this page before it gets deleted.)

Jason (ooops -- I used my first name!)

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