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Frying pan suggestions?


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Frying pan suggestions?

rchlst | Aug 16, 2010 05:55 PM

Hi everyone!

So i love to cook but i'm not as "smart" about cooking as I probably should be! I seem to keep killing my frying pans and I don't think i'm getting bad oens. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

So here's my question... if I were to buy a frying pan for say under $60 which would you recommend and what is the proper way to treat/maintain it?

I currently have anodized (spelling?) pots and pans and they look like they've been through hell and back. Before then I used to get the ones with teflon. I'm thinking maybe I should try the stainless steel ones?

Thanks for your suggestions! Which ever type i get next I plan to try to take really good care of them!

Oh... also, I like to fry fish, sautee stuff, and cook omlettes etc. I'm not sure if that affects which I should get but thougth it might be worth pointing out.

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