Fry pans: what's the diff? stainless steel vs. nonstick vs. blue steel

nooodles | Jun 28, 200506:50 PM     94

I'm torn. Which is the best all-purpose fry pan? I don't want to get more than one because I really don't do any of the below very often, but when I do it's almost impossible because all I have is a cast iron skillet, nonstick wok, a carbon steel wok, and pots (shocking, no?). I'm deciding among:

stainless steel, because I can use it to brown things, caramelize onions, and put a lid on it to finish dishes in the oven.

nonstick, because it's easy to clean and makes omlettes/pancakes easy. Will batter/eggs stick to the stainless steel a lot?

a crepe pan, because I really do like that it's oh-so-flat. My friend has one and says it came with instructions never to cook anything else on it. Does anyone know why?

I'm leaning toward a good stainless 9" or 10" frypan with a copper core, but can I:

sear fish
make an omlette
create a resonably thin crepe (small is okay)
cook up a pancake
fry eggs without making a sticky mess

I've been to a few stores and talked to some not-too-helpful clerks. Any ideas? Thanks so much!!

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