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Fry Oil Disposal in an Apartment

BabyLitigator | Feb 1, 200801:47 PM

A random question came up at dinner the other night how to dispose of leftover fry oil after deep frying. Most of the the websites I have found suggest either a mason jar or some sort of disposable container large enough to hold the oil. Nobody I know keeps mason jars in their kitchen, and the few containers I have large enough to hold the amount of oil it takes to deep fry are not disposable (in any event, my building uses a garbage shoot, so the container would just explode after a 50-foot drop).
The two times I've deep fried in my kitchen I've (1) used the drain -- yes I know I'm not supposed to, but I couldn't figure anything else out -- and (2) kept the oil in the original container (which was empty).

My question is, what is the best way to easily dispose of fry oil using commonly found items in the the modern kitchen. If I fried more often, I would be more comfortable buying containers just for it, but it's a rare thing for me.

Hate to rant, but just curious.

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