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How to fry bacon?


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How to fry bacon?

rworange | Nov 26, 2006 06:28 PM

This is stupid because I am talking about two slices of bacon, but I can't remember the last time I bought bacon and frying the first slice didn't go so well.

I don't want to microwave or bake.

What I want from the remaining piece is most of it with a little fat, but nicely brown and one little piece very crispy.

I found this link which says start low and slow which I did, but the bacon stuck to the pan.

Another response said to drain off the fat as it accumulates ... there wasn't a lot of fat starting slow and the bacon was adhering to the pan. So I turned up the heat a bit and the fat started to render. So do I keep pouring off the fat? Also, if I'm storing the fat do I strain out the little pieces I scraped from the pan?

What do I do to get that one piece to crispy? Should the pan be covered during the frying process? If not, why not? Does that steam it?

Yeah, a lot of questions for one slice of remaining bacon, but this is fancy bacon imported from Texas and I don't eat bacon or cook all that much.

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