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Frozen Tilapia tastes earthy


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Frozen Tilapia tastes earthy

shana | Feb 27, 2007 11:39 AM

Hi there - I got a large tray of tilapia filets from costco about a month ago - I divided them up into 2 fillet servings and stored them in freezer bags with all the air sucked out with a drinking straw.

I used 2 of them this past weekend in a portuguese cataplana I was making with prawns and clams. The seafood is added at the end and steamed in the tomato sauce until just done.

The fish had a real earthy taste - like potting soil earthy. Nothing else in the dish had this flavour.

The fish didn't look freezer burned at all so I'm wondering what this was? I've only had tilapia once before at a restaurant and never noticed this taste, but it was served blackened so those spices could have masked it.

I have noticed this earthy taste before in fish - usually perch or sunfish we caught in the lake as kids, and just assumed it was what they were eating.

now I've got 3 more bags of it in the freezer............................what to do?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can give me.

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