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Frozen Mexican food at Trader Joe's


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Frozen Mexican food at Trader Joe's

lavaca | Sep 7, 2010 03:47 PM

My local Trader Joe's has set up a prominent display of frozen Mexican dishes, making me realize that there are quite a few more than I previously thought. Given the unpredictable quality of Trader Joe's frozen dishes, I figured I would offer to trade recommendations.

Frozen tamales-
Beef: Probably my favorite item in the entire frozen section; they're easy to prepare and surprisingly rich and beefy.
Chicken: Also good, but I prefer the beef tamales most of the time. The flavors aren't strong enough to stand up to assertive toppings.
Green chile/cheese: These seem to exist solely to mock vegetarians. There's too much gloopy cheese and not enough textural variation.

Chile relleno: Tastes okay, but looks horrid even if you don't try to remove it from the tray.

Beef and green chile burrito: The flavors are good compliments and they don't skimp on the meat, but I've always had a hard time getting it to cook evenly.

Gorditas: The corn flavor is too strong, and the toppings are sparse. It's like they tried to turn gorditas into health food, which seems like the wrong approach.

What else is good or bad? I remember disliking the enchiladas, but it's been many years since my last experience.

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