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Frozen Custard / Gelato / Ice Cream

JoeMark | Sep 20, 2007 07:54 PM

went to shake shack on recs for hamburg and fries from this board - total success. the shake burger was just perfect. i ordered mine without the shack sauce (it was a calories decision) but took a bite of my partners who had the burger with shack sauce (it was a partner's perogative) OMG - my delicious burger palled before my eyes - next time i'm doing the whole burger with shack sauce.

While there i also ordered the frozen custard ... i've heard about frozen custard but never had it. I was wowed. really quite delicious - i think creamer than ice cream. which got me thinking - does anyone know the difference between Frozen Custard / Gelato / and Ice Cream? i looked up Gelato in Websters and i got "Italian Ice Cream" - not helpful. I'm wondering is one less fattening or more "healthy" than the other? Now i'm definitely going to have to try Grom's want to compare the Gelato to the Frozen Custard.

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