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Frozen beans on the market?


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Frozen beans on the market?

BamiaWruz | Apr 4, 2009 09:41 AM

Has anyone seen frozen beans on the market, like kidney beans, navy, garbanzo, we're not talking fresh but rather "Dry legumes" that have been cooked and sold frozen instead of canned.

A friend of mine was telling me how PC (president's Choice) brand here in Canada used to sell them but they stopped and she doesn't know why, also because there is no such thing on the market so I'm wondering has anyone seen any frozen such beans at all and if perhaps you know of a reason why they aren't packaged and sold this way instead of the popular canning.

I was curious if there were any safety issues involved, so let me know what you think or if you know of any brands out there that actually still sell them like this, perhaps not here but anywhere. I know they sell fresh type of fava, edamame, pigeon eyed peas, lima..etc. frozen, bur why not the dry types?


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