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Best frozen Asian buns?


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Best frozen Asian buns?

alliaphagist | Mar 19, 2013 03:44 PM

I never knew about the existence of the various Asian buns until about a year ago when I had a Chinese-American roommate, who would keep a variety of store-bought ones in the freezer at all times. Never tried them and didn't really know what they were, but they had all kinds of interesting fillings. I think he would microwave them for a quick breakfast.

Then more recently I tried the frozen char siu bao from Trader Joe's and really liked them. I checked out my local Asian market and saw that they had a couple packed freezer cases full buns and dumplings of various kinds. I picked another random char siu bao pack, which was again really good.

I'd like to try some of these fresh-made of course, but I don't know of a place near me that makes them. For now, I'd just like to try some more of these convenient frozen ones to see what I like, especially with the fillings that are less familiar to me, e.g. the various bean pastes. There are so many that it's a little intimidating though. I realize availability of things like this vary, but does anyone have some suggestions of good brands/varieties of frozen buns?

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