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Fried Chicken as an Antidepressant

MakingSense | Aug 1, 200912:36 PM

Study shows Southerners fatter and happier.

"A new study following up on a recent Time magazine article regarding the obesity of Southerners shows that fully 52.1 percent of Southerners are fat and happy while 61.8 percent of Northerners are slim and miserable...

"The study, out last week from the Garden & Gun Institute of Behavioral Activity, shows that 84.3 percent of New York City residents tend to be unhappy, citing such reasons as seldom seeing stars and not having yards. One Big Apple resident, Phil Venson, reported that he'd much rather be slim and miserable than fat and happy because if he were happy, he wouldn't have anything to complain about, especially fat Southerners. Asked if he liked fried chicken, Venson replied, 'I don't know. My mom never let me eat it. I hear it's fattening.' Venson said he remains slim by rarely eating because it's 'no fun.' "

Ok, it's satire. But today is the first of August and we've got to have something to do....

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