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Fridge organization ideas/advice for one fridge and four roommates?

jrwing | Jan 10, 201711:13 AM

Hi there! Does anyone have any sort of app or system that helps them keep track of what you have in the fridge? This may seem a bit nerdy but when you live with four roommates and one fridge, it seems essential, especially for things like sauces, jams, spreads, dressings, olives, etc. that might be in jars and used only a little bit at a time. What ends up happening for me is as new stuff is added to the fridge, jars like that end up getting pushed to the back and forgotten about, until I clean out the fridge months later and find some old ass sauce that's crusty and expired.

If I was living alone this would be easier to manage, but with four roommates who all have different diets/lifestyles (in other words it's not like a family of four who eat together from the same groceries), it's the inevitable reality of the situation.

We already do have our little sanctioned-off cubby areas which does help for our everyday groceries or stuff like personal leftovers/takeout, which takes up the top two shelves available split in half each way to make four zones, but for all those extra sauces that get sent away to die and wither in their own graveyard on our bottom shelf, I've begun to wonder: does it really have to be the inevitable in this situation?

So the inner-organizational-editor-nerd in me has begun to wonder about some kind of system, particularly maybe something that uses an app on my phone, that could help me track what I have. As I was cleaning out my fridge this morning I noticed there were at least three or so different mustards, perhaps not all bought by me, but it may happen that if I'm building a dressing and want to use some dijon mustard, and I don't see any in the fridge, I will buy some more, not realizing in fact there is a jar hiding in the back. I'd love to have some sort of better method to always keep track of this kind of stuff. (Note I saw a hack using a lazy susan for sauces but I think the space that would waste in the fridge would not actually solve anything, especially being a fridge shared between four people.)

Note it's mainly things like jars of sauces, spreads, dressings, as well as things like blocks of cheese, basically the kind of thing you only use in little quantities at a time, as well as sometimes stuff in the freezer. Stuff like fresh produce, meat, eggs, milk, and such we all tend to buy in smaller quantities for the week and therefore I'm usually capable of keeping tabs on that sort of stuff.

I look forward to hearing everyone's advice and tips! Thank you for reading. :)

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