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Fresh White Truffles


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Fresh White Truffles

Michael K | Dec 27, 2004 10:28 AM

I purchased a fresh white truffle from Citterella on Dec 16th and it had little flavor. I sliced it thin with a truffle slicer and put in raw on top of a cooked Nantucket bay scallop. I also tried it raw alone. I have experienced truffles in San Quirico Italy that had a ton of flavor to the point that it was a bit too much, and also potent truffles at Daniel in N.Y.C. as well as other restaurants . Citterella refunded my money when I expressed my dissatisfaction. I next ordered a fresh white truffle from the Truffle Market online. This truffle came from Croacia and was said to have more flavor than the Italian ones. It was similar to the Citterella truffle ,possibly a tad more flavor but not enough to justify wanting to eat it at any price. Both Citterella and The Truffle Market said truffles are 90% olfactory and 10% taste. I asked the owner of the Truffle Market ( Atruro) if the intensity of the truffles varies year to year or truffle to truffle and he said that chefs all over the countyr have had the same batch and have not complained. What is going on? These truffles had no noticeable flavor or smell enough to make a statement on any food I put them on. I could not imagine anyone thinking theese truffles had any value. I also let a friend who has experience with truffles have a taste and he aggreed. Is there a reputable place to purchase mail order truffles? Has anyone else purchased truffles and felt the same as I?

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