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Fresh Pasta Nightmere

Portland Frenchie | Sep 24, 2010 05:45 PM

I need some help. Maybe you can shed some light on a frustrating day for me? I have made homemade pasta before. With a hand cranked machine, with a Kitchenaid attachment. I've done the mixing both by hand and by machine. Never a problem. Today, after 4 solid hours and three recipes to get to 1lb. pasta, I am flummoxed. Each time I put the dough through the roller the first time on the lowest setting, the dough came out looking like Alpine Lace Cheese (the best result) or completely falling apart into what looked like the casing from organs in tripe! Was it too much flour? So I added water? same thing. Too much water? added more flour. Same thing. I cannot figure out what on earth I could have done wrong. Two of the three attempts I used kosher salt; the third recipe regular table salt. No change. Recipe 1 and 2 were Marcella Hazan's : 4 eggs, 3-31/2 c. of flour; 1 T water, 1/2t. salt. 3d recipe from my Italian mother : 6 eggs; 4 c. flour; 1/2c. water; 1/2t. salt. All came out same. alpine lace. I did manage to work finally with half of the recipe to get some pasta but 4 hours for 1 lb. of pasta is ridiculous. Flour was good quality King Arthur all purpose flour. Any ideas why I couldn't even get past the lowest roller setting?

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