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Fresh pasta, after the dough is rolled and cut...


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Fresh pasta, after the dough is rolled and cut...

nasv | Jan 24, 2012 12:06 PM

Another fresh pasta thread, but this is about the part of the fresh pasta that I understand the least what I can do to retain best the quality of the fresh pasta.

Assume you have your recipe for your pasta dough, kneaded already, rested already, rolled out to desired thickness already, and cut into desired shape already.

At this point, ideally the pasta goes straight into boiling salted water to cook anywhere between 1 and 3 minutes (more or less), right? But what if I need to wait an hour before cooking? 2 hours? 6-8 hours? What's the best way to store/maintain the pasta? (not interested in intentionally drying it for later)

I ask because there are many times where I can make pasta earlier in the day, but don't have as much time for the entire process right before dinner (i.e. breaks from the kitchen like incoming guests, putting the kiddo to sleep, etc...). I imagine this scenario where I can make the pasta during a lunch break to be served for dinner, or anywhere between an hour or two before serving so I can just throw the noodles in as friends arrive or something.

Do you just cover it loosely, tightly, refrigerate, other? How do restaurants (with really great fresh pasta!) hold their cut pasta and then pull it to cook for orders?


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