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fresh papaya, is it really so bad or unattainable?


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fresh papaya, is it really so bad or unattainable?

wray | Aug 20, 2001 12:04 AM

Today I tried again to eat fresh papaya. One from Belize. This is the 3rd or 4th time over recent years I have bought a papaya and every time I find it marginally edible.

I find they are nearly tasteless except for a very slight acrid taste. Next time I will try using it in some recipe. I really like papaya juice, particularly that one that comes frozen from the Caribbean company, in the white plastic containers. But I do not find anything even remotely similar in the flavor of the fresh ones I have bought.

Mangos we can get that taste great. All sorts of other tropical fruits as well, while perhaps not a good as can be found in their home region markets, certainly they taste respectably well and taste like the flavor we find in the best premium prepared juices and pulps and the like.

Is this just me, or do papaya need some help (perhaps like some strawberries that are much better if you accept that they were not vine ripened and go ahead and sprinkle them with some sugar).

-sign me puzzled in NYC (Queens).

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