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French Fried

Vital Information | Oct 30, 2001 10:52 PM

I know a good fry when I eat one and can contribute to our chicago thread on the subject, but I cannot seem to make one.

I gave it another stab tonight. I tried to do most every thing right (i thought!). I used russet potatos and peanut oil. i patted down the potatos with a paper towl after i sliced them. most importantly, i dug out a fry thermoter. Ms. VI and myself have running arguments over things like recipes, and using a thermometer is a big concession for me.

i had planned on doing the twice fry method. first at 350 and then at 375. i also planned on doing the fries in small batches.

when the oil was 350, i tossed in a 1/3rd of the fries. amazingly, the tempature then went up! on the second batch, the temp. went down after adding the fries, which is what i expected, but on the third batch, it went up again.

needless to say, the results were hardly belgium. the outside was dark and crisp and just to the point of before burnt, not so good even if the inside was rather fluffy.

who can help? what exactly did i do wrong.


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