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Why is "French" dressing called that way?

bad nono | Mar 19, 200805:30 PM


I'm French, and on another board someone explained to me that the US orange dressing (which I find utterly repulsive) is called "French". Of course we don't have such a thing in France, so I was wondering why it was called that way? I've just looked up wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_d...
and it's as ridiculous as ever, since obviously French dressing isn't a vinaigrette at all. Or I'm not French anymore.

Anyway, I can usually figure out why things are labeled "French" here, like "French Vanilla" probably refer sto vanilla from Tahiti, "French Toast" is an upgraded version of pain perdu, but 'French dressing", that orange sweet stuff with ketchup in it, I don't understand. If anybody knows and can give me a more credible version than wikipedia...


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