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Freezing lasagne for wedding buffet - how to stop it from being sloppy


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Freezing lasagne for wedding buffet - how to stop it from being sloppy

clairebbbear | Mar 4, 2013 05:13 AM

Hi there

I will be cooking some of the food for our wedding (caterer is doing the rest) and I have basically committed to making lasagne so the kids at the wedding have something they can eat. Because I don't want to be cooking on the day (duh), the recipe needs to be made ahead and frozen.

I have made lasagne several times before and frozen it before, but it's a different situation making it for a wedding. When it's just for us I don't particularly care what it looks like, but for the wedding I want it to hold together when cooked and not just ooze everywhere. I want it to look somewhat professional.

So, my questions are:
1. Should I cook the meat sauce right down so there's minimal liquid in it? Will that make it too dry, considering the dish has to be frozen?
2. Is it better to use dry or fresh lasagne noodles? I usually use fresh (not home-made though, from a packet).
3. Should I add more noodle layers? I normally have three, and our dish is quite deep.
4. Would it help to just put a single layer of béchamel on the top?
5. Would it be better to freeze it baked or unbaked?
6. Would it be better to cook it frozen or thawed?
7. If I freeze it unbaked, would it be better to cook it the day before, let it settle and then reheat on the day? Or cook for the first time on the day?

I know there are a few threads on this, but none on the specific question of avoiding sloppiness when you're freezing the dish, so hope you can help!

Thanks in advance!

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